💸The Profits Pledge💸

100% of profits* will be donated to the International Rescue Committee & Americares through July 1st (subject to extension). 



Friday, April 3, 2020

It does feel weird to be pushing shirts while people are sick, dying and heath care workers are running towards the fire. 

About week ago we ran a promotion where we donated money for every shirt we sold. After that we decided to donate 10% of all sales for the next number of days. 

So far we've donated $1,400 to the WHO but for some reason it feels like we are playing small.

The truth is that as a bootstrapped start-up our overhead is low. We've kept ourselves super lean so that we could roll everything back into the company and grow.

But it isn’t about growth right now.

On a small scale it’s about keeping our wheels moving so the people who make us run can keep their heads above water.

On a larger scale, and mostly, it’s about the whole world getting to the other side of this thing so everyone can get their lives back.

The point is that we don’t need much to keep the lights on and that’s all we need to do for the foreseeable future.  

That’s why we are pledging 100% of our profits* to the WHO Covid-19 Solidarity Fund and Americares. 

It is true that we are a small company and alone can’t make a huge difference so we challenge other e-commerce or Shopify-run brands in a position to join us to make the same or similar pledge. 

If you know anyone who owns or works for a company like ours please forward this email to them. They are welcome to get in touch with us if they'd like. 

We are all in this together and there is light on the other side.

Bryan Davis
Founder, Teddy Stratford

*Or 10% of sales (whichever is more)