The NYTD Dark Maple Flannel
Small Batch #187

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The NYTD Dark Maple Flannel <br> Small Batch
The NYTD Dark Maple Flannel <br> Small Batch
The NYTD Dark Maple Flannel <br> Small Batch
*Model is 5'11"/180lbs and wearing size 2

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Teddy's $50

  • Handmade. Never mass-produced
  • 100% long staple Egyptian cotton woven in one of the world's top mills
  • Single needle lockstitched & flat-felled seams means extreme durability
  • A larger drop from chest to waist than any shirt on the market
  • Fits athletic body types like it's custom & lends its shape to slim/average guys 
  • No pulling open and gapping around the buttons
  • The patented Stay-up Collar prevents the collar from collapsing and spreading open.

This shirt is part of our Small Batch program and only 40 were made.

About Small Batch #187:  Part of our most popular family, the NYTD, this release is made with a dark maple brushed flannel from the same family and mill as our other brushed flannels. It is soft and warm while still being lightweight enough to be three season appropriate. 

Our roots are in the custom shirt world and our mission to create the ultimate shirt is guided by that history. Every Zip Fit shirt is imbued with the same qualities and standards and because we sell directly to our customers we can price them at half of what they would cost in a bricks and mortar store:

Teddy's $50 Wager:  We bet your Zip Fit shirt will be the best fitted shirt you’ve ever worn.  If, in your opinion, it isn’t and you decide not to return the shirt, let us know and we’ll send you 50 bucks.

*Model is 5'11"/180lbs and wearing size 2


Our shirts taper toward the midsection and fit close to the body.

If you'd prefer a bit more room, size up!

* Try Find My Size or see our Size Guide for more details

The Zip Fit Shirt, Explained.

Our patented Zip Fit design was created with one goal in mind: to be the Best Fitted Shirt on the Planet.

We studied the archetypal male form to find the ideal ratio between shoulders, chest, waist and hips and built our shirt around it. The zipper evenly distributes any tension and allows you to wear a closer fitting shirt, without looking like you're busting out of it.

When your shirt is shaped like an athlete, you look like one.

I love the fit, feel, and style.
And yes, the zipper is genius.
- John E.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
eric cornell
Height: 6'-0"
Weight: 230
Fit: True to Size
Size Bought: 6 (XXL)
Size Normally Worn : XL
Definitely my new favorite shirt

This shirt fits amazing I have such a hard time finding dress shirts that fit great I was a little nervous and went with a size bigger than suggested and wish I would've went with the suggestion but it still fits great!

Edwin Torrison
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190
Fit: Runs Small
Size Bought: 3 (M|L)
Size Normally Worn : L
Nice shirt, runs small

Shirt is as advertised, runs a tad small across the back of the shoulders

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 125
Fit: True to Size
Size Bought: 0 (XS)
Size Normally Worn : XS
Luv me up some shirts

I purchased three of these as the patterns are swell, they fit well, and I love how sharp they make me look!

Love to read this!

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 125
Fit: True to Size
Size Bought: 1 (S)
Size Normally Worn : S
Coolest shirt I own.

Fits me wonderfully too and I’m a she/her/hers! Live the zip up and such exceptionally chosen fabrics. I have three of these and every time I wear one I feel very sharp, stylish, professional.

Chris Davis
Size Bought: 4 (L)
Poor Quality and Service

I thought I was getting a quality product. I was wrong. I have ordered 7 shirts from your company and twice I have received a shirt that looks like it was repaired or is a mistake. Either your sending out damaged merchandise or you have no quality control. I thought the first shirt I received that had stitching in a place it didn't belong was a fluke. Bad luck. But, when I got a second one with stitching running through one of the pockets like it was repaired, I knew it was a luck of the draw with your company on whether or not someone would receive an acceptable product. When spending $150 for a shirt one would expect a quality product. And at this price point, the customer should not be expected to pay to send something back when the company obviously sent an inferior product. I could not give a low enough score for customer service or for quality of product at this point for Teddy Stratford.

Hi Chris- there is a possibility that the stitching on the pocket you are describing is our glasses holder. It’s a patent-pending slot that narrows toward the bottom so that when you hang your sun or eye glasses in it, they don’t fall out. We’ve begun putting them on most of our pocketed shirts after testing them earlier in the year and getting positive feedback.
We would never send out repaired shirts and our QC at the factory is pretty on point so this may be what is going on.
Was the stitching error on the pocket of both shirts?

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