The Varsity Oxford

Regular price $ 129.00 Sale price $ 85.00
The Varsity Oxford <br> Lavender
The Varsity Oxford <br> Lavender
The Varsity Oxford <br> Lavender
*Model is 5'11"/180lbs and wearing size 2

The Varsity Oxford

Regular price $ 129.00 Sale price $ 85.00

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Teddy's $50

  • Handmade. Never mass-produced
  • 100% long staple Egyptian cotton woven in one of the world's top mills
  • Single needle lockstitched & flat-felled seams means extreme durability
  • A larger drop from chest to waist than any shirt on the market
  • Fits athletic body types like it's custom & lends its shape to slim/average guys 
  • No pulling open and gapping around the buttons
  • The patented Stay-up Collar prevents the collar from collapsing and spreading open.

About The Varsity Oxford: The "OCBD" (Oxford Cloth Button Down) is an American classic and the ultimate wardrobe cornerstone mainly for its versatility. Perfect for all four seasons, it does double duty as a casual or dress shirt and goes just as well with a pair of jeans as it does under a sport coat. 

More Brooks Brothers in the 50's than American Eagle in the 90's, the Varsity Oxford's fabric is heartier and has a more textured weave than our other oxfords.

This shirt will get softer as it ages and as long as you don't get hauled to the grass during a pick up game or fumble the ketchup at a barbecue, it will be your companion for years to come. 

Our signature Zip Fit doesn't hide that you've been hitting the gym and you won't have to worry about pec-gap giving passersby a cleavage-peek. So let your fit-flag fly. We got you covered. 

Our roots are in the custom shirt world and our mission to create the ultimate shirt is guided by that history. Every Zip Fit shirt is imbued with the same qualities and standards and because we sell directly to our customers we can price them at half of what they would cost in a bricks and mortar store:


Teddy's $50 Wager:  We bet your Zip Fit shirt will be the best fitted shirt you’ve ever worn.  If in your opinion, it isn’t, and you decide not to return the shirt, let us know and we’ll send you 50 bucks.

*Model is 5'11"/180lbs and wearing size 2

Our shirts taper toward the midsection and fit close to the body.

If you'd prefer a bit more room, size up!

* Try Find My Size or see our Size Guide for more details

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Changed my mind

Seriously, I bought a couple shirts to try on thinking "there is no way. This is obviously a gimmick." Absolutely incorrect. Not only did the shirt fit like a glove, you can't see the zipper and looks awesome. I don't think I'll buy a non-TS short from now on.

G. L.
Like a glove!

I cannot stop buying your shirts; I love them! You have changed the way I feel about myself in a positive direction, and for that, I thank you!

Ron L.
At long last

Shirt sizing and fit were always hit-and-miss for me until Teddy Stratford. World-class quality and customer service turned me into a customer for life.

Michele A.

I gave this as a gift to my son-in-law and took a guess, with the help of my daughter, at his shirt size based on the sizing charts. We ordered a size 4 (he’s 5’10”/175 lbs./16-3/4” neck). The shirt fit perfectly! He was so pleased that he’s already asking for more of these. He likes the tailored fit and the fact that it fits him in the shoulders without having a lot of extra material to tuck in around the waist. He loves the quality and had never seen a shirt with the zipper closure. So happy I took a chance on this as a gift! Will be ordering more for sure.