Pink Gingham Poplin

Regular price $ 129.00
Pink Gingham Poplin
Pink Gingham Poplin
Pink Gingham Poplin
Pink Gingham Poplin
Pink Gingham Poplin
Pink Gingham Poplin
Pink Gingham Poplin
*Model is 5'11"/180lbs and wearing size 2

Pink Gingham Poplin

Regular price $ 129.00

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Teddy's $50

  • Handmade. Never mass-produced
  • 100% long staple Egyptian cotton woven in one of the world's top mills
  • Single needle lockstitched & flat-felled seams means extreme durability
  • A larger drop from chest to waist than any shirt on the market
  • Fits athletic body types like it's custom & lends its shape to slim/average guys 
  • No pulling open and gapping around the buttons
  • The patented Stay-up Collar prevents the collar from collapsing and spreading open.

About The Pink Gingham: Now a family of six colors- black, light blue, navy, lavender, oxblood, and pink- our ginghams are soft, smooth, lightweight and made from the best cotton available on God's green earth which means it will hold its color, shape and size better than anything in its price range. 

Our roots are in the custom shirt world and our mission to create the ultimate shirt is guided by that history. Every Zip Fit shirt is imbued with the same qualities and standards: 

Teddy's $50 Wager:  We bet your Zip Fit shirt will be the best fitted shirt you’ve ever worn.  If in your opinion, it isn’t, and you decide not to return the shirt, let us know and we’ll send you 50 bucks.

*Model is 5'11"/180lbs and wearing size 2

Our shirts taper toward the midsection and fit close to the body.

If you'd prefer a bit more room, size up!

* Try Find My Size or see our Size Guide for more details

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Bryan Forrest
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145 lbs
Fit: True to Size
Size Bought: 0 (XS)
Size Normally Worn : S
Best fitted shirt I own!

The fit of the short is absolutely perfect! It slims at the waist with a nice tailored fit will leaving room in the chest and arm area. Create material and super comfortable for a shirt of this style.

Mark H.
Stylish, comfortable and you'll get noticed

I was a bit wary about buying a pink shirt, but I'm so glad that I did. The fabric is easy to take care of, resists wrinkles and the pink goes great with dark jeans or slacks. Not many guys wear pink, so you'll definitely stand out in a good way against a sea of blues and whites.

Johnny S.
love the shirt

I was a little skeptical, I understood the concept, but the proof is in the fit. this thing rocks.

Stephen O.
Big fan of these shirts

Big fan of these shirts and their design. Dedicated customer. This particular shirt has lightweight material that keeps you cool but could be perceived as too lightweight or cheap appearing.

Avanie T.
Great modern fitted shirt!

Love the fit. Great pattern on the pink gingham. Christmas gift for hubby. He loved the sneaky zip feature.