"One Off" Series #15

The Royal Lumberjack- Medium & Large

$ 175.00

The Royal Lumberjack- Medium & Large
The Royal Lumberjack- Medium & Large

$ 175.00

Athletic Fit

No Gapping

Stay-Up Collar

Teddy's $50 Wager

This shirt is part of our One-off Series and only one shirt was made in size Medium.

  • Handmade in NYC
  • Premium fabrics and materials
  • Canvas interlining in collars, cuffs, and plackets- never glued fusible
  • Single needle stitching and flat-felled seams
  • A larger drop from chest to waist than any shirt on the market
  • Fits athletic body types like it's custom and lends its shape to slim/average guys
  • No pulling open and gapping around the buttons
  • The patent pending Stay-up Collar prevents the collar from collapsing and spreading open.

Teddy's $50 Wager:  We bet your Zip Fit shirt will be the best fitted shirt you’ve ever worn.  If it isn’t, you can keep the shirt & we’ll send you 50 bucks.

About the Royal Lumberjack:  This shirt may look like the Lumberjack Blue that we released earlier in the series but this is a heavier fabric and different blue. Our 15th One-off shirt is made from heavy weight 100% cotton flannel, is already soft and will only get more so over time. Available in Medium and Large. 

Whoa Buddy! Not so fast. This is a slim fitting shirt. Consult the size chart below before ordering

"I can assure you that they will be the right fit for almost any athletic body type."