How a Traffic Ticket in Bangkok Led to the Best Fitted Shirt on the Planet

When Teddy Stratford founder Bryan Davis was pulled over for speeding in Bangkok, he noticed that the police officer’s shirt fit him exceptionally well. After finding out the location of the Royal Thai Police Department’s tailor, Davis set off to have a uniform made. It was there that he discovered the secret to the shirt’s exceptional fit: it zipped instead of buttoning which created a closer fitting shirt that didn’t pull open and gap around the buttons.

Back in New York City, people were intrigued by the concept, and Bryan knew he had something. One day while taking his hockey skates to be sharpened, he saw a sign on a door across the hallway that read: CEGO Custom Shirts. Inside, Bryan met owner Carl Goldberg, explained his concept, and Carl made him some prototypes.  Not long after that chance encounter, the two became partners and developed perfected the Zip Fit shirt into what they consider to be the Best Fitted Shirt on the Planet.  Teddy Stratford has also also created a brand new type of collar that stays standing without the use of buttons, snaps, magnets, or double sided tape.

Kickstarter will serve to debut the Zip Fit shirt and brand to people outside of the early development stages. With the funds raised on Kickstarter, Teddy Straford will be able to implement a larger manufacturing run of Zip Fit shirts and bring this innovative product to the world.


UPDATE: As of Dec. 13th Teddy Stratfords Kickstarter was funded with over 400% of the original goal and more than 500 backers contributing.  Thank you so much to those who did.