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    Premium. Handmade. <br/>100% Long Staple Egyptian Cotton

    Premium. Handmade.
    100% Long Staple Egyptian Cotton

    Introducing The Zip Fit Shirt
    Athletic fit button-downs.
    Closer fit, no gapping.


    Watch how a traffic ticket in Bangkok led to the best fitted shirt on the planet.

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    Teddy's $50 wager

    We bet that your Teddy Stratford shirt will be the best fitted shirt you’ve ever worn.

    If it isn’t, you can keep the shirt & we’ll send you $50 Details

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    What our Customers Say

    “I felt like I was wearing a custom tailored shirt and all the other suckers in my meeting couldn't hang with me.”
    — Scott, 5’11” - 195 lbs. - size 3
    “My shirt looks good, it feels good, and takes my appearance to another level. So awesome.”
    — Seth, 5'9" - 165lbs. - size 2
    “I now look slimmer and feel more hip. The shirt is an immediate conversation piece as well due to the zipper.”
    — Elie, 5’11” - 185 lbs. - size 3
    “These shirts are the best made shirts you'll ever own for a price less than a tailored shirt!”
    — Arshad, 5’5” - 155 lbs. - size 0