When you say "athletic fit", what exactly do you mean?

Good question. For one thing, we don't mean "body-builder". If you are a BEAST, our shirts likely won't fit you correctly.

Our shirts are cut wider in the shoulders and chest and taper to the midsection/waist. The chest to waist difference is larger than any major brand on the market but you don't need to be a freak of nature to wear them.

If we were a dating site we would say that we fit: "Slim", "Average", "Athletic", and "A Little Extra" guys.

Do I have to be in great shape to wear the shirt?

No but you also can't be horribly out of shape. Because the shirts taper to the waist (around the belly button), if you are a little soft around the middle we recommend selecting the size based on your mid-section. That means that you may have to size up to accommodate your extra baggage.  

Is the zipper visible? 

No. There are working buttons above and below the zipper and when they are buttoned, the zipper is completely concealed.

What exactly does "handmade" mean?

There are no automated processes that go into putting our shirts together.  Sewing and button hole machines are used (of course) but there is a highly skilled person cutting and guiding the fabric through the sewing process from start to finish.  

Where are your shirts made? 

Our shirts are made in a workshop sized factory in Istanbul (Turkey). 

Are you stealing a tailor in Bangkok's idea and trying to claim it as your own?

Not at all. The tailor that Bryan met did not invent the shirt. In fact, after discovering the zipper in Bangkok and doing some research, it appears that many police and security shirts around the world utilize the same concealed zipper. 

Can women wear this shirt and are you going to make a shirt for women?

Yes, women can wear this shirt. The best way to determine your size is to look at the chest measurement and fit it to your bust size. However, because the shirt is not a women's shirt, it will look like you are wearing a man's shirt- albeit a damn nice one. Due to the reaction to the shirt by our female friends and other women, we see a real need in the market and will be launching a women's line in 2021. 

Any tips for taking my measurements?

Here are some simple pointers for properly taking your measurements to refer to our sizing chart.

NECK: Measure the neck circumference where a standard button type collar might be fastened

CHEST: Measure the chest circumference at the fullest point under your arms keeping the tape horizontal around the body.

WAIST: Measure the waist circumference at the smallest part of the waist, often at or above the belly button, keeping the tape horizontal around the body.

HIP: Measure the hip circumference at the fullest part of the seat, keeping the tape horizontal around the body.

SLEEVE: Measure the distance from the prominent bone at center back neck, across the shoulder, over the bent elbow to the center of the wrist bone.

Take a look at our full Fit Guide HERE

How do I care for my shirts? Here are some essential zip fit tips:

- Do not dry on high heat. Hang dry or tumble on low.

- Do not let your cleaners use an automatic press machine. This will pinch the zipper closed and cause it to not function.

- The zipper may be a bit sticky the first few times you zip up the shirts. This will get better.

- Iron the front button placket from behind to avoid making an imprint of the zipper on the front.

- The collar can be worn with the stays tucked in (as delivered) or un-tucked to accomodate a necktie or for a more relaxed look. Remove the stays before laundering and ironing.