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Awosome fit

Amazing fit, great fabric. Just superb quality

Perfect fit

The shirt I’ve been searching for. Feels great, looks even better.

Light Blue Oxford
Raad chfat

One of the best shirts I ever bought

Delightfully surprised

I am picky with my shirts, especially fit and material: both receive high marks. I’m 6”1’ at 190 lbs athletic build and the black ripstop fits amazing with the size 4. My chest would always create tension in the buttons and the waist would billow with other shirts, even ‘slim fit’ shirts. This one nails it. I might even go down to a 3 it is shaped so well. Looking forward to adding more to my wardrobe.

Great shirt

Great shirt buying more.

Pink Twill
David Nelson

I am a little hesitant about damaging the zipper if I send out the shirt I o be laundered.

Just make your cleaners aware of the zipper and ask them not to put the shirt in a clamshell press because this will pinch the zipper closed. As long as they know about it there shouldn’t be an issue.

Best TS shirt yet

I highly recommend this one. I just got it and it’s so comfortable and breathable. I love it.

Love the Fit

Fit and look are amazing!

Best Dress Shirt You'll Ever Purchase

Exactly as described!! Perfect fit, retained it's shape for hours!! Cheers to an excellent product!@

Fits great

One of the best shirts I’ve ever bought fits good looks great

Black Twill
Laurent Pianelo
This is my new favorite shirt

I just bought a black twill, and this is my new favorite shirt. Now, this is my 4th TS shirt, and I love their fit. But it’s my first twill, and won’t be the last. It’s got such a good quality, it’s very slightly ‘shiny’, and is perfect to wear to go out with a jean+blazer, or with a suit, elegant and looking so sharp. I’ll take any other color they have in twill.

Awesome fit.

Great fit, great quality. Can't wait to buy more.

Black Twill
Steve Kreiser
Great service and great shirt

I initially got an XL which is my normal size but it was a bit tight in the shoulders and arms. The return process was seemless and I received my XXL in the mail within a few days in time for the holidays! Thanks!

Gateway Shirt #1- The White Gabardine

Gateway Shirt #1- The White Gabardine

What my wife had to say about it…..

So, I bought myself a gift for Christmas, as a matter of fact, I bought myself 3 of these “bad boys.” Okay, obviously I like them, more importantly my wife went crazy, she loved the look, fabric and above all else, the fit. And my adult daughter wants to get her husband some. I’m 5’ 11” at a weight of 192lbs, a large fits great and humbly speaking, it’s a better fit than my custom shirts and I look great in them.

Good Try

I like the concept. However I purchased this shirt thinking the zipper replaced all the buttons except for the upper one or two buttons. I have an issue buttoning dress shirt buttons and thought this was my dream come true. Unfortunately, it replaces just three buttons in the middle. So, the concept works for keeping gapping down at one’s midsection, not so much to replace buttons on a shirt.

Great shirt

Great shirt, excellent fit, and high-end quality!

Incognito Stretch Poplin Charcoal
Leonardo Noriega-Howry
Love it!

Just the sleeves are a little long.

The Oxblood Twill Small Batch #174
Alejandro A Torrealba


Best fitting shirts out there!

These shirts are amazing!! My husband is always between a size M and L in other brands. The size 3 fits him perfectly. The hidden zipper is genius. No more annoying gaping across his muscular chest. I ordered 1 just to try it, and ordered 2 more as soon as he tried the first one on. Well made and looks great! I will never buy another brand of shirt for him again.

Luxury Stretch Broadcloth White
David Thompson
Great shirt

Love the shirt


Awesome quality and attention to detail, only shirts I own.


I’m 62 and have never had a better fitting shirt. Hey, Teddy, where were you 40 years ago! :)